The movement.

It started with a book.

No, actually, it was before the book. It started with Monz.

Monz is an ascended spiritual guide who graces this channel with his presence and divine messages every day. I compiled many of these messages into a book, and that was the conception of the Locked in Love movement.

Since the publication and subsequent re-publication of the book, Monz has become a front-and-center spiritual presence on social media, through email, and live with me as the grateful channel in both digital and in-person formats.

locked in love channeled messages ingrid turner

Monz and the Locked in Love movement is here to help you better understand the human experience, and through that experience, return you to your source of divine power.

The Locked in Love structure is here to hold you as you experience the fullness of your God self in physical form.

If this sounds amazing to you, I assure you that your summation is correct: and I’d love to have you join me in any capacity that feels just as amazing to you. Look to your left for all the ways you can connect with us.

All the love possible from your passionate channel,

Ingrid Turner