Locked in Love

A note from the author:

“Locked in Love: Channeled Messages from Spirit” 

This book truly is a work of love and inspiration, and I’m honored to be the channel to bring forth such divine wisdom from Spirit. The book is filled with over 100 channeled messages that, as far as I understand, are meant to inspire you and transform your thinking, so that you, dear friend, can allow the simple, profound magic of Divine Spirit to transform your whole life.

locked in love channeled messages ingrid turner

Most of these messages are channeled from Monz, my Spirit Guide. He makes his appearance and shares wisdom, strength, and such simple divine guidance with and through me. I also receive messages from YOUR guides, and what are commonly referred to as “Ascended Masters” – Mother Mary, Jesus, Ganesha, and others.

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of Spirit today.

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